Get Your Booze On With BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur

2022-09-28 /02:09 pm

Most Malaysians are definitely looking forward to 15th May. It marks the date when clubs will be operating officially again! However, why wait to quench your thirst? After all, there’s a perfectly amazing food-fest ongoing in the meantime.

Eatcosys through Boozeat has launched its first F&B festival; BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur. As the name suggests, it is literally a festival focusing on booze. Held at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Hotel, BoozeFest promises a roaring good time, both with food, drinks and games!

BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur has taken the liberty of bringing out the finest spirits and wines for your enjoyment. By partnering with local spirit brand owners, distributors and wholesalers, BoozeFest KL offers visitors a wide range of drinks. Visitors will also be able to enjoy blends from established brands like Dewar’s, Lillet, Botanist Gin, Glenfiddich and more.

Of course, drinking is the main event but there are tapas for those who get peckish. Eateries such as The Crane KL, Puteh Beach Bar, Bestow and Terra Bar KL, and Halley Dim Sum offer alcohol-infused tapas, dim sum, cakes and pastries, all to accompany you and your drink. These local restaurants, bars and cafes have all brought their unique menus to supplement visitors in their quest for booze.

There’s no denying that drinking brings great fun, but there’s no harm in adding to it with some good old fashioned games. From basic darts, to ring toss, even a shoot-the-ducky range, visitors will be able to play around to their hearts content. Some games also offer prizes such as discounts on drinks.

Founder and Group Chairman of Eatcosys Sdn. Bhd. Tham Lih Chung stated that they intend for BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur to be a platform for brand owners, distributors and wholesalers. It hopefully will boost their brands’ visibility, widen their customer base and offer a valuable experience to customers that is worth their money.

BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur will be held from 12th to 14th May with two sessions per day. Tickets are available here, with RM248 for the afternoon session and RM298 for the evening session. Group purchases of two or more tickets will start from RM198. There will also be goodie bags and lucky draws available during the fest!

Do make sure to drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. If need be, ask someone you know to be a designated driver, or use SOCAR’s Buddy Driver. Attendees will receive a designated promo code and the first 30 bookings per session are free. Aside from that, have fun!

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your best friends (or go stag), and go boozing!