Eatcosys Expands the Horizons with XPrienz Infinity Club

2022-09-28 /02:09 pm

There are fewer things better than being in an exclusive community of like-minded individuals and experiencing life’s indulgences in a post-pandemic world. As a means to improve the overall quality of life in Malaysia, Eatcosys introduces the XPrienz Infinity Club, an exclusive membership programme designed for new-age consumers with an appetite for unique and exciting experiences as well as growth, be it personal or professional.
The membership programme is tailored to enable industry leaders, C-suites, decision-makers, senior management, entrepreneurs, and business owners to engage, network and enjoy new experiences with a group of energetic and engaging individuals in an intimate setting.
Member privileges include invitations to private VIP events, introductions to influential people, attractive investment opportunities, alternative investment-related workshops, highly curated gastronomic experiences, and exclusive lifestyle deals ranging from food and beverage (F&B) automotive, fitness, beauty and wellness, staycation, and more.
Eatcosys, a homegrown multi-disciplinary retail solutions provider, recently hosted its inaugural Boozefest Kuala Lumpur in May and received an overwhelming response from both the festival attendees and brand partners. This has led the team to develop XPrienz to continue curating memorable experiences for the consumers as well as brands.
“XPrienz is a melting pot that empowers Malaysians to create and live the life they want while driving revenue and boosting brands’ visibility for our brand partners and merchants where possible,” explains Tham Lih Chung, Founder and Group Chairman of Eatcosys Sdn. Bhd.
Tham further adds that the new-age consumers prioritise quality experiences over material goods, appreciate brands that align with their values and social needs, and seek to connect with like-minded individuals, especially in the current turbulent times.
With more than six premium events and activities lined up each quarter, the programme promises members an array of opportunities to upgrade their social life and potentially grow their businesses or advance their careers through meaningful connections. Some of the upcoming activities include a watch investment workshop by The Watch Club, one-of-a-kind dining events, Shuttle in the Dark, and glamping with fascinating figures and personalities.
“We are confident that our social and experiential activities will provide members with a much-needed change of environment, stimulate their senses, and inspire them to reconnect with others as well as their surroundings to compensate for lost time,” says Tham.
XPrienz membership costs RM5,000 per annum or RM500 per month while the supplementary card costs RM3,000 per annum or RM300 per month. Members are invited by the Eatcosys team and/or existing club members and handpicked based on their values, interests and aspirations.
That said, interested individuals can still apply for the membership via They are required to complete a set of questionnaires as part of the selection process.
Members will receive special discounts and complimentary vouchers from brand partners, and invitations to exclusive events worth up to RM50,000 per year. XPrienz also offers members a free, customisable NFC card to replace the traditional business cards as part of Eatcosys’ effort to promote sustainability within its community.
Invited members and special guests who attended the recent launch of XPrienz Infinity Club: Party with Tesla had their first taste of the XPrienz experience riding in the Tesla Model Y, followed by an exclusive afterparty at the Regno KL to commemorate the occasion.