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Who We Are

Eatcosys is a multi-disciplinary company fronted by a group of specialists working as integrated entities to reimagine businesses primed for the next generation. We leverage our operational expertise, market intelligence and insights, and expansive global network to stimulate sustainable growth and value for our clients and partners. Eatcosys provides an integrated platform with a broad suite of retail and digital solutions to address and remedy any pain points presented in the retail business lifecycle. The integrated platform works across three (3) fundamental verticals:

  • Platforms Services (PS),
  • Technology Enabled Services (TES)
  • Fintech.

Our Vision

Eatcosys was founded in 2020 amidst a global pandemic with the vision to be the critical network that provides energising relevance and solutions to retail businesses in Southeast Asia. We believe in creating sustainable economic value and wider societal impact for the communities we serve, particularly the underserved and unserved.

Our Values

  • Value : to consistently pursue growth opportunities for our internal and external stakeholders
  • Innovation : to create and pioneer new and dynamic ideas that benefits the company and its network
  • Trust : to build open and honest relationships
  • Agility : to embrace and adapt quickly to market changes and uncertain environments
  • Learning : to inculcate a culture of continuous learning and humility within the company and its network

Our Services

Data Analysis

We support clients in making strategic, data-based decision for their businesses

Grow & Repeat

We devise strategies that help clients build business credibility and be listed on other platforms


We support clients in developing and accelerating their businesses while educating them on the fundamentals of fundraising and sustainable growth


We provide short-term financing and micro-lending to clients


We assist clients in sourcing kitchen hardware at the best possible price


We leverage our wide range of solutions to assist clients in setting up their business efficiently

Market Penetration

We provide go-to market support to clients

F&B Supplies

We assist clients in sourcing and procuring the necessary supplies at a competitive rate, making the process seamless even for the smallest merchants

Our Leadership Team

Tham Lih Chung

Group Chief Executive Officer

Kelvin Leow

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Chin

CEO of Retail Marketing Solution

Bernard Tian

CEO of Nardell

Dato' Michael Tee

Non Executive Director

Khalid Gibran

Non Executive Director

working with us

At Eatcosys, we are on a mission to reimagine businesses for the next generation. We empower entrepreneurs and businesses with a comprehensive ecosystem to further improve business operations and boost overall business performance.

We are fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to push boundaries and achieve our goals, individually and collectively. We encourage our partners and employees to actively participate in our company activities and projects and be part of our success story.

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Subsidiaries & Investee Companies

  • Subsidiaries
  • Investee Companies

Valens Subramaniam

CEO , MyRodeo Sdn Bhd

We are super grateful to ALEVATE. As they got to know us with our journey and direction, they got invested and we started working together as strategic business partners as we can offer both parties leverage. They helped push Rodeo to its community to allow their community to benefit from our asset’s branding & marketing value. Without ALEVATE, we would not be where we are today.

Ahmad Zafri

Co- Fouder, Burrow

We’ve been having difficulty managing costs from certain delivery providers. Some are too costly that it severely eats into our profit margins. eatcosys helped me setup an online order form with diligent delivery service management to allow us to optimise our costs and profits.

Shirley Kwong

Co-Founder, Ground Eatery

We’ve been having difficulty managing costs from certain delivery providers. Some are too costly that it severely eats into our profit margins. eatcosys helped me setup an online order form with diligent delivery service management to allow us to optimise our costs and profits.

Kenneth Leong

Co-Founder, L'unico Gelateria

FoodAdvisor was instrumental in helping my odd little business grow from odd little to being recognized on Google.

Crystal Tan

Co-Founder, Lai Foong Beef Noodles

I make use of a lot of F&B delivery platforms in Malaysia so far, but FoodAdvisor is one of the few services I gladly pay for and recommend to friends. Not forgetting how they are always trying to find ways to support the local operators.

Joanne Lim

Co-Founder, The Lankan Crabs

The website tells you how this works. They have one of the best people in responding to my questions and usually help resolve my issues in many different ways.

Latest News

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2022-05-13 /08:05 am

Get Your Booze On With BoozeFest Kuala Lumpur

Most Malaysians are definitely looking forward to 15th May. It marks the date when clubs will be operating officially again! However, why wait to quench your thirst? After all, there’s a perfectly amazing food-fest ongoing in the meantime.

2022-08-03 /08:08 am

Eatcosys Expands the Horizons with XPrienz Infinity Club

There are fewer things better than being in an exclusive community of like-minded individuals and experiencing life’s indulgences in a post-pandemic world. As a means to improve the overall quality of life in Malaysia, Eatcosys introduces the XPrienz Infinity Club, an exclusive membership programme designed for new-age consumers with an appetite for unique and exciting experiences as well as growth, be it personal or professional.

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Eatcosys Sdn Bhd
Company No. 201901000022 (1309348-H)

Email: info@eatcosys.com
Phone: +603-79323908
Web: www.eatcosys.com

Location: 15-03-3A, Menara PJX HM Shah Tower,
Jalan Persiaran Barat, PJS 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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